Juicing – Healthy or Hype

Hi everyone. I promised I’d be back to talk about juicing and I want to get to first things first. Because, even though some of you probably checked out the movie [...]

Meet The Author – Jenny McKrane

Juicing has become super popular due in large part to documentaries like “Sick, Fat, & Nearly Dead” where the film maker, Joe Cross films his story about [...]

Basic Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are such a simple food that brings so much excitement to the little ones. Well, truth be told, they bring excitement to me too. That’s why it’s always [...]

Spicy Watermelon Dip

Summer’s coming (okay, it’s a few months away, but I’m excited) and that means I’m already craving watermelon. This dip is a spicy surprise and is [...]

Microwave Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Yes, I said those two words together. Microwave and ganache. How can such a fancy thing be created through such a gauche kitchen tool? No double boilers required here. This [...]

What to Do with Christmas Leftovers

Continuing along with our stress-free Christmas ideas, let’s talk about food. I used to think Christmas leftovers were a curse, but now I find them to be a blessing [...]
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