7 Smart Beginner Juicing Tips

Hi, it’s Jenny, back to talk to you about juicing. I want to give you some tips and techniques that will allow you to create your own juicing program as well as help you toward success with juicing. Here are some great beginner juicing tips.

Juicing really isn’t difficult. A lot of so-called gurus out there make it harder than it is. Simply make green juice (that’s juice with greens and fruit in it) that you think tastes good and drink a lot of it, as much as you want each day that you’re juicing. That’s why I like to call it a juice feast rather than a fast. You can have all you care to have. No limits.

Here are some tried and true guidelines to lead you to success.

Start the morning with citrus juice. 32 ounces of fresh citrus juice blended with basil juice is an excellent way to start your day. As the day goes on use less citrus and move toward other types of fruits like apples mixed with your greens. By the end of the evening your juice should be a higher dose of greens than in the early morning.

Drink sweet juices sparingly. If you make a juice that has no greens in it, just berries, grapes, apples, and sweets then drink this as if it is a dessert. It’s your reward for drinking all your green juice. The problem with super sweet juice is that it’s very high in sugar and without the fiber to slow your digestion it can cause spikes and dips in blood sugar. Use sweet fruit to help the green juice tastes better.

Drink plenty of green juice. I will probably repeat this over and over again because it’s the main reason people fail. They are so used to deprivation that they cannot wrap their mind around the fact that they can have all the green juice they want. I’m telling you, drink all you want. Do not deprive yourself. If you have a craving, if you’re hungry, if you just want to feel something in your mouth, drink up. You should be drinking at least 4 liters of juice each day.

Drink it fresh. I’ll say this with one caveat. Yes, it’s better that you drink your juice within minutes of making it. This is because the enzymes are strongest when freshly made. But, if that is impossible due to your schedule, store it in glass jars with tight lids in the refrigerator and try to drink it within two days. Do what you have to in order to get the juice in your body.

Be gentle with yourself. Whether you’re embarking on a 1 day, 3 day, 7 day or longer juice fast there are days that will be difficult. You may experience detox symptoms like headache, severe cravings, tummy trouble or you may simply feel tired. It can be hard to start a juice fast when you have to work. Consider starting it on Friday so that on the third day, which invariably is the worst, it’ll be Sunday so you can rest. You’ll feel absolutely fabulous on the 4th day and from there you should be just great.

Plan ahead. You will need a lot of fruit and vegetables to get you through just one day of a juice fast. Find a place where you can shop in bulk. If money is an issue, start with just a few recipes and stick to one or two juices that you really like. If you’re not prepared you will not succeed because you will try to conserve the juice, get too hungry, and slip up. Consider any social events coming up and plan in advance how you will handle them. Within just a few days the effects will be noticeable enough that all your planning will pay off.

Don’t spend tons of money on your first juicer. The Jack LaLanne juicer is fine to start with or another similarly priced juicer. If you like it, sell that one and invest in a masticating juicer. These juicers work better because they produce more juice with less damage to the enzymes of the juice. One of the best juicer available today is the Norwalk juicer – but it is super expensive and not for everyone. However, if you plan to make juicing a large part of your life forever, or you are suffering from serious disease or illness that you think juicing will help with you may want to invest in one.

Next week we’re going to talk about some great ways to use the leftover pulp. Hint: It will depend on which juicer you use.

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