Working Mothers Stress Reduction Tips

There’s no doubt that juggling work and kids is stressful and anxiety-producing for moms. But where to turn for relief? Actually, you may not have to go very far to find some ways to ease your anxiety. There are things you can do to reduce worry and stress that are quite natural, easily accessible, and not difficult to implement. Here are some ideas.

Write Your Worries

It’s hard to find time, but creating a journal with entries about your worries can provide a release of tension. Depending on the nature of your job, you could even bring the journal to work and write during your lunch hour or when things are slow. In these entries, you can write down what you’re worried and anxious about, and why those things make you feel anxious. Once those things are on paper, perhaps you can take a look at your entry and determine why those things make you anxious, and maybe some steps to alleviate the anxiety for that particular situation.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea blends that are said to promote relaxation are formulated with herbs that have a time-honored (and sometimes clinical) reputation for easing tension. Try sipping a cup in the evenings to help you relax before bed. Chamomile and blends containing chamomile are said to be particularly helpful.


A study on aerobic exercise for working women found an overall decrease in anxiety among women who engaged in moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise. The findings indicated that the anxiety levels fell following the exercise, which means the effects last after the workout. Maybe working out in the afternoon or early evening might help if you tend to have anxious thoughts at night.


Trying to do everything off the cuff can increase anxiety levels. You never know what is coming next, or how you’ll handle it. Life naturally has some unpredictable occurrences, but that unpredictability need not happen all the time. Try to minimize that aspect by making careful lists and establishing routines. Sometimes, just seeing things written down in list form makes them seem less overwhelming and more doable.

Planning meals can take some of the edge off of your anxiety, too. Instead of scrambling for what in the world to have for dinner every night, make a meal plan. It’s okay to have the same thing every Friday night or have one night a week when you order out or go to a restaurant. Scheduling in those kinds of breaks can help – that way, you don’t wait until you are at breaking point before taking a break!

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