Exercise Routines With Suspension Training

Suspension exercises use your body weight, so it’s a type of resistance exercise. To do suspension training, you use pulleys that are attached to a doorway or rod, and you hold yourself steady by whatever muscle group you are working.

For example, if you are working your upper body, you would lean forward so that, if it weren’t for the suspension rings your hands are in, you’d fall forward. Suspension training can involve more complex exercises than that, but that’s the basic idea. But what about the benefits? Why choose suspension training?


1. Basic equipment

Suspension equipment is pretty straightforward, and all the exercises you do are with the same pulleys. You can go to the gym and use the suspension equipment there, or you can purchase a simple system that fits in a doorway. With other exercise programs, you may need to purchase or locate various machines or equipment for you to use, such as mats, weights, steps, and so forth (or go to a gym).

2. Easier on joints

Suspension training does not involve heavy, continual impact like other forms of exercise. The supportive nature of the pulleys means you are not coming down hard on your joints over and over (as in jogging, for instance, or some types of aerobics).

3. Improved balance

Suspension training works the core muscles, which are vital for proper balance. In fact, some sources note that suspension training may not be for you until you have some core muscle strength to perform the exercises. It’s these core muscles that help you keep your balance when using the pulleys.

4. Total body workout

Working various muscle groups at once is what constitutes a full-body workout, and covers most of the major muscle groups. Suspension training does just that, as multiple muscle groups are engaged at once in most of the exercises.

5. Versatile

All levels of skill can be accommodated with suspension training; it can easily be made harder or easier, depending on the one practicing the exercises. Proponents point out that it’s good for people with injuries, because the workout can be so easily adjusted to accommodate their injury and aid healing.

6. Small space

One of the reasons why the suspension training system was invented was to provide a good workout in minimal space. For those with small living spaces such as apartments, townhouses, or just small houses, or for those who work out in the outdoors when the weather is nice but need something for the winter months, finding an effective indoor workout routine can be difficult. Suspension training may just be the answer.

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