Crafts For Kids For Hannukah

If you’re looking for some fun craft ideas this Hannukah (Dec. 20 – 28, 2011), these ideas might do the trick. Whatever you’re crafting, you can go wrong with plenty of blue, white and silver.

  • A Star of David is easy to make. Paint 6 Popsicle sticks with blue paint. Glue 3 sticks together into a triangle shape. Repeat with the other 3 sticks. Lay one triangle down on the table and turn the other triangle upside down, gluing them together.
  • Make an edible dreidel. Poke a pretzel in a marshmallow and top the marshmallow with a Hershey’s kiss. Use food coloring and a toothpick or new paintbrush to color on symbols.
  • Make a menorah from 8 toilet paper rolls and 1 paper towel roll. Paint the toilet paper rolls blue and paper towel roll white. Glue 4 toilet paper rolls together on either side of the paper towel roll. Fill tops with yellow and orange tissue paper to represent the flames.
  • A dreidel made from household items. Paint a small milk carton blue, paint symbols on each side. Poke with a pencil and play!
  • Create a beautiful Hanukkah wreath. Wrap a foam wreath with elegant white fabric and decorate with blue silk flowers.
  • Get creative with your Hanukkah garlands. String together Popsicle sticks Stars of David, construction paper dreidels or construction paper rings. Use plenty blue and white or silver if you have it.
  • Create simple Hanukah napkin holders. Use blue felt, decorate with silver glitter and tie closed with a silver or blue ribbon.
  • First time making Hanukah candles? Beeswax candles are easy to make because they don’t require any melting. Buy blue and white beeswax sheets and some square braided wick and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Watch this video for a menorah made with pencils, eraser tops and wooden spools. It’s a fun kid craft and they can even “light” the candles themselves.

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