Online Music on the Go: Pandora, Slacker and Groovershare

Need music for an office party? Or perhaps you concentrate better with some tunes in the background. Whatever the reason, having great music wherever you go can result in a huge boon in your quality of life and often your business productivity.

Where can you get music online, legally? Three sites are Pandora, Slacker and Grooveshark.

==> Pandora Radio

Pandora was founded based on the music genome project. Every song on Pandora has been listened to multiple times by professional musicians. They then grade the song based on pitch, tempo, music type and a whole array of other factors.

Then, any time you listen to an artist or song, it can use those factors to find other similar songs that you may also like.

In other words, Pandora can help you find new music that you’ve never heard that’s similar but different to music you already like.

Pandora is available in the United States and has a supporting iPhone and Android app.

==> Slacker Radio

Slacker radio doesn’t strive to categorize every single song like Pandora. Instead, they have professional musicians create music channels that you can tune into.

Want to feel some rhythms? Tune into the Blues or Country station. Want to feel the bass? Tune into the electronic channel.

It’s basically a “pick your music” radio station that you can play from your computer or iPhone.

Furthermore, Slacker also has a “more like this” feature that allows you to find more songs like the ones you already like.

Though similar in concept with Pandora, Slacker Radio does tend to have different kinds of music from Pandora. Even if you tuned into “Electronic” on both Pandora and Slacker, you’d find very different songs and tunes. Spend some time playing with both to get a feel for which one you like better.

==> Grooveshark

Unlike Slacker and Pandora, which help you discover new music that you didn’t know you liked, Grooveshark strives to do the opposite.

It just helps you find and play music you already know you like.

All you need to do is type in the name of the song. All the different versions of the song are listed, then you just pick and play the song you like.

Unlike Slacker and Pandora, which don’t work outside the United States, Grooveshark works anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, Grooveshark doesn’t have an iPhone app.

With these three tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to listen to just about any kind of music you want, no matter where you are. Whether you’re on the bus with your iPhone or at the office on your laptop, you’ll be able to find the exact songs you want to listen to.

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