Create a Photo Album and Send Prints with Shutterfly

Shutterfly is both an online and offline photo album sharing tool. If you want to share your photos online, Shutterfly is completely free. They’ll even create a fully customized website for you so you can share photos with others at full resolution. Alternatively, you can use Shutterfly to actually print out your photos or create photo books. Prints can be picked up at Target, Walgreens or CVS in just an hour or two rather than having to wait for them to be shipped. Here’s how to use Shutterfly. Step 1: Register for a Shutterfly Account Fill out the registration form on the home screen. register for shutterfly

Step 2: Uploading Photos

Click on “Upload” on the screen after the registration page.

click upload

Click “Choose Files.”

click choose files

Select all the files you want to upload, then click “Start” to upload all of them.

click start to upload

Step 3: Sharing Your Photos

After uploading your photos you’ll be taken to your photo albums. Spend a bit of time here familiarizing yourself with the interface.

When you’re ready to share the photos you’ve uploaded, start by selecting the album(s) you want to share by clicking on the checkbox in their upper left corner.

click to select

Then click “Share” in the top menu.

click share

Choose how you want to share your pictures: By email or by a custom website.

choose how to share

If you choose the email option, you’ll be taken to the email screen where you’ll be able to select recipients and write a message.

share in email

If you’d rather share in a website, you’ll be taken to the website creation wizard.

share in website

Step 4: Ordering Prints

To order prints, select the album whose photo(s) you want to print are in then click “Order Prints.”

click order prints

Choose the type and quantity of the photos you want to order.

choose quantity

Click “Next” to finalize your order. Note that only the Glossy 4×6 can be printed at Walgreens, Target or CVS.

Step 5: Printing Photo Books

Want to print out a whole book of photos? It’s easy. Start by clicking “Photo Books” in the top navigation bar.

click photo books

Choose which type of path you want to use. The path is simply which design interface you want. You can choose the custom path which is more complicated, or the simple path which is easy to use.

choose path type

Choose the size of the book you want printed.

choose book size

You’ll then be taken to the photo book editing screen.

To move your photos around, just drag and drop. To add text, click on a blank space on the page.

When you’re finished arranging your photos, click on “Order Book.”

click order book

You’ll then be taken to the shopping cart screen. Add the item to your cart and continue to checkout.

add to cart

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to upload photos to Shutterfly, how to share them by email or a personal free website, how to order prints and how to create and order a photo book.

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