Benefits of Kettle Ball Workouts?

Kettlebell workouts are the latest in workout equipment and routine. Kettlebells are a type of weight that look like a heavy ball with a ring or arch attached. While they vary in color and may be coated in a plastic or rubber coating, kettlebells are usually made of iron.

The shape of the kettlebell is designed with safety and efficiency in mind – the ring makes it easy to grasp in the hand and less likely to be dropped. They come in various weights from light to heavy, and are intended to be used in conjunction with specific exercises.

What Types of Kettlebell Workouts Are There?

Kettlebell workouts involve not only kettlebell weights, but also certain movements. A kettlebell workout usually involves the following basic exercises:

* Swings (one or both arms)
* Snatches
* Twists
* Push-ups

Kettlebell workouts can be customized to compliment your fitness goals. Both men and women can use kettlebells.

So Why Do Kettlebell Workouts Work?

When done correctly, a kettlebell workout is a full-body workout that uses all the major muscle groups, including the core muscles. Specifically, sources say that kettlebell workouts promote the following:

* Calorie burning – Studies have shown that some kettlebell workouts can burn over 1000 calories an hour! With that kind of intense burning of energy, it’s understandable why kettlebell workouts have the reputation they do.

* Cardiovascular strength – More than just toning, kettlebell workouts are good cardio exercise routines, too. The constant movement and rigorous workout helps keep your heart rate up.

* Weight loss – Not surprisingly, kettlebell workouts have a reputation for resulting in weight loss. The significant number of calories that kettlebell workouts burn contributes to this.

* Lung capacity – An increase in lung capacity has been reported by those participating in kettlebell workouts. This makes sense, as these workouts require rapid, hard breathing.

* Muscle tone and mass – Kettlebell workouts are said to be superior to conventional weight training for building muscle mass and tone. In fact, kettlebells are sometimes used by those training for strength competitions and competitive sports.

* Whole-body workout – When you do a kettlebell workout, you will use your whole body, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a good cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening exercise.

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