Enularm Enuresis Alarm

Where to buy: www.vitalitymedical.com

Bedwetting affects children and even teenagers. This can be distressing for children, especially if they are older and going away to camp or sleepover with friends. There are a few tried and tested methods on the market to help your child. One of them is the Enularm Enuresis Alarm. This bedwetting alarm is safe to use and lightweight. It looks like a sportsband worn around the child’s upper arm with a cord/sensor clipped to their underpants. When the sensor detects moisture, the alarm will sound or vibrate and is suppose to wake up your child. When used nightly over a period of time, this should train your child to wake up as soon as the alarm sounds and use the washroom and, hopefully over time, will lead to the youngster waking up before the wetting happens.

The Enularm Enuresis Alarm is comfortable to wear due to its weight. It runs with two lightweight 3volt watch batteries and due to its size can easily be taken when traveling. Also included is a complete instruction booklet on how to use this device.

I think if you have a child that suffers from bedwetting, the Enularm Enuresis Alarm would be a great investment. It comes at a reasonable price and hopefully will help him/her to have dry nights.

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