Basic Craft Supplies – What to Keep on Hand

Wise parents and child care givers know the power of a well stocked craft closet. Rainy days, sick days, and those extra long school breaks can wreak havoc on even the most patient parents. A well stocked craft closet can save babysitters, grandparents, and even parents when those two little words are uttered, “I’m Bored.” The words are enough to send children and parents alike into tears. Imagine having the ability to reach into your magic craft supply box and pull out a craft to keep your children busy and to entertain them when they’re seemingly incapable of entertaining themselves.

Here’s a list of the super handy craft supplies for those moments when having an activity is an absolute must!

o Tempera paint
o Glue – clear or white glue is best.
o Construction paper
o Tape (Lots and lots of tape)
o Crayons
o Markers
o Glitter and or glitter glue.
o Hole punch
o Safe scissors
o Pipe cleaners
o Ruler
o Clay – the kind that doesn’t dry out is ideal.
o Cookie cutters
o Felt or foam sheets and shapes
o Paint brushes

It also helps to keep a folder full of easy to make crafts. That way all you have to do is pull out the craft instructions and supplies and an afternoon will pass quickly by.

Of course, all of those supplies can take up a ton of space. A plastic organizer, cart with drawers or even an organizer designed specifically for crafting are a great way to store supplies without having them take over the home.

On top of the staples of a good craft supply kit, there are a few around the home supplies families can begin collecting. It’s a great way to be environmentally conscious and to inspire your child’s imagination. Collect and reuse:

o Bottle caps
o Buttons
o Cereal boxes
o Straws
o Egg Cartons
o Scraps of fabric
o Old magazines for collages
o Popsicle sticks
o Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
o Wrapping paper
o Bows and yarn
o Tin cans
o Newspaper
o Sponges

Rainy days, cold weather days, sick days and good ol hang around the house days are brightened when children are engaged and creating fabulous works of art. A well stocked craft supply kit will make it much easier to have those moments and to make it easy for children to avoid those two dreaded words. Make sure you have plenty of space to store their artwork and don’t forget to leave room on you refrigerator!

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