Steam Cleaning the Natural Way

There are various steam cleaning machines on the market. Since today’s machines range in price from $400 for a residential model to $3,200 for a commercial model, people wonder if they’re worth the extra expense. There are many benefits to using steam instead of hazardous cleaners around your home.

Steam cleaning is cost effective because it only uses a little bit of water and electricity. It is efficient because the high temperature kills germs and mold spores that may be hiding in your home. It is environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals involved.

When thinking of using steam to clean, most people are likely to think of the steam cleaners that are commercially available for carpets. However, steam cleaners can be used for other areas of your home besides carpeting.

While most steam cleaners look like vacuum cleaners, there are also smaller, hand-held versions on the market which are maneuverable enough to reach even the tightest corner. The cleaner can sanitize and deodorize virtually any surface you might have in your home.

Today’s steam cleaners use very little water (most of them use less than one gallon of regular tap water) and are designed to be easy to operate and maintain. They create steam that is low in moisture, and that’s what carries the heat to surface that needs to be cleaned. Because there’s so little moisture used, the now-clean area dries almost instantly.

Most steam cleaners on the market have various accessories so they can be used for multiple applications and on almost any surface. These accessories allow the heated vapor to reach the surface to be cleaned, and often includes a brush to help agitate and release the dirt.

The heat from the machine is what doe the work for you because the steam is over the boiling point (between 240 to 280 degrees). It’s hot enough to burn your skin, so you’ll need to be extremely careful when using one. It’s also vitally important that you read and follow all the instructions that come with the machine before you use it.

Some of the benefits of using a steam cleaning system include, but are not limited to:

• The equipment is easy to use. The attachments make it easy to reach the small space and corners that might not be accessible with traditional cleaning methods.

• No chemicals are used, so you don’t have to worry about the hazards that come with most cleaning supplies currently on the market. Since no chemicals are used, there is no chemical residue after you’re done cleaning.

• Steam kills the mold spores that might be hiding in your bathroom or kitchen.

• You don’t have to work as hard when cleaning. The steam does most of the hard work for you by softening the dirt and making it easier to remove.

While the steam cleaning systems that are on the market today may seem a little expensive to begin with, just look at the money you can save in the long run by not buying all those chemically-laden cleaners. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that you have a clean home, and you didn’t have to use chemicals to get it that way.

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