Kaboose.com Crafts Review – Online Kids Crafts

Kaboose Logo Kaboose is a kids and family friendly website featuring crafts of all sorts, with an emphasis on being timely and creating crafts for the right season or occasion. Find them at http://kaboose.com Using Kaboose’s Quick Start Kaboose’s quick start menu is on the right on the main page. At the time of this writing it’s winter, so all of Kaboose’s activities are tailored towards winter activities. kaboose's quick start

Use the Craft Finder

Kaboose has programmed their own “crafts search engine” that allows you to find exactly the kind of crafts you want for you and your kid.

Use the easy four field search engine to perform a search, or click Advanced Search for even more refinement options.

craft finder

The Crafts Page

Kaboose’s crafts page will tell you the estimated difficulty of the craft, whether or not it needs parental supervision, what you’ll need and then specific directions.

craft example

Learn From Videos

Learn better from videos than text? Check out some of free crafts videos in the upper right hand side video box. Click on more videos to see all the videos Kaboose has to offer.

craft videos

Follow Kaboose on Twitter & Facebook

Want to keep up to dates on new crafts for different seasons and holidays? It’s easy with Facebook or Twitter. Just click on either Facebook or Twitter in the widget box on the right.

facebook and twitter widget

Kaboose is one of the few sites that features season and holiday specific crafts. They also feature a unique, easy to use 100% custom search engine for finding crafts.

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