Forget Boredom This Holiday Sesason

If you’re a parent or spend any time around children, you know many of them receive more gifts than they need each year. And once the unwrapping frenzy is over they may play with their new toys for a little while. However, before too long you may hear them say, “I’m bored.” Here are some fun holiday activities to keep boredom at bay this holiday season.

Undoubtedly things were different when you were a child. You may have received one or two toys you’d been bugging your parents about all year. The remainder of gifts you received were probably things you needed like socks, underwear or other clothing. You were satisfied with the few toys and played with them a long time.

Many children today, however, seem to have very short attention spans. Some of this might be due to television shows, console or hand-held games, or computers. Things move by on such a rapid pace it’s no wonder kids easily lose interest.

Find some of the board games you enjoyed as a child and put them under the tree. These can be given as family gifts which everyone can play together. If you already have several board games, take some out and play them to break the boredom. The following are classic games your family may enjoy:

* Chess
* Checkers
* Scrabble
* Life
* Monopoly
* Trivial Pursuit
* Clue

Don’t forget to choose some games which everyone in your family can play. Some games have versions which are geared for younger players but can still be enjoyed by everyone.

Go outside and have a snowball fight! Make sure to have an adult on each team. Each team can build a fort out of snow, make a bunch of snowballs and then let them fly. It’s a good idea to have rules before the snowballs start flying to ensure no one gets hurt.

If it’s too cold to have a snowball fight outdoors, have one indoors. Well, not really, but you can get rolled-up socks and use them as your snowballs. This type of ‘snowball’ won’t hurt as much and shouldn’t do any damage to the items in your home either.

Spread some holiday cheer. Get the family together in the kitchen to make goodies such as fudge or cookies. Place some of each type on disposable plates or in a container. Then take the goodies to places like the police department, fire department or a nursing home where staff are used to serving rather than being served.

Many children are given so much during the holidays. And even though they just received a bunch of gifts, they may still complain about being bored. Try some of these fun holiday activities to keep boredom at bay. Be creative with things you can do as a family and you may avoid hearing the “I’m bored” statement this year.

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