Review: Kristen Suzanne’s EASY Raw Vegan Holidays

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Not everybody enjoys a turkey with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving or Christmas. More and more people turn away from unhealthy overindulgence over the holidays and turn to food that doesn’t leave them feeling sluggish and bloated. In my quest to look for easy-to-make holiday recipes that the whole family would eat and enjoy that are also super healthy, I came across Kristen Suzanne’s book of Easy Raw Vegan Holiday recipes.

Kristen Suzanne is a very creative and experienced raw food chef, whose passion of raw food cooking comes across in her book. Raw cooking is up and coming as people see the health benefits of not overcooking and overheating food which destroys many important vitamins and minerals.

The recipes in Kristen Suzanne’s book are super easy to make and won’t need much in terms of equipment. A good blender or food processor (occasionally a dehydrator) and you are on your way to delicious and wholesome food for the whole family. Her book is also full of tips and advice how to incorporate a vegan raw diet into your holidays, which is particularly interesting to raw food newbies. You will find scrumptious Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes in this book, such as “Boo” Halloween Hummus, Raw German Chocolate Brownies and Pumpkin Pie.

Overall, this is a very worthwhile cookbook to own if you would like to give raw food cooking a go. So, why not try something very different this holiday season?

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