Family Game Night Ideas

Many experts in family relationships continue to extoll the virtues of the entire family eating dinner together. Although it can be difficult to get commitments from all family members to eat dinner together, with a little schedule rearranging, it is to be definitely doable. If you combine the idea of a simple yet hearty meal together with a family game night, you will find even the most reluctant member of the family thawing to the idea.

Throw together a simple salad and serve it up with spaghetti and garlic bread. Or pick up Chinese take out on the way home. Either way, you have the makings of a great meal. While you are eating, you can talk about your family game night ideas. If you need some inspiration, keep reading.

1. Charades. This time tested game is sure to bring plenty of laughter and team work to the living room as your whole family tries to figure out what, or who, is being acted out. An ideal game for all ages, charades can easily be adapted to accommodate family members from toddlers to adults.

2. Chess. While chess has traditionally been known as a game of strategy and skill that is too difficult for younger players to enjoy, this is simply not true. Children as young as preschoolers can play chess. It is likely, though, that the game will need to be modified for them, at least at the first few game sessions.

3. Video Games. Believe it or not, video games can enjoy a spot on the roster at your next family game night. Ideal as a change from sit down games like chess, you can burn off some energy while playing your teen in Wii tennis. The winner of that game can play your first grader in Wii bowling.

4. Traditional Games. After you eat, engage the whole family in a rousing game of indoor hopscotch. Even if you do not have the traditional hopscotch board, you can simply enlist the help of your older children in making a series of boxes on the floor with masking tape. Then the whole family can giggle and cheer each other on to determine the winner of the game.

5. Take it to the Streets. When the weather is warm and it is light outside for longer periods of time, head back outside after dinner. There you can enjoy a game of tag, or one of its many variations. You can also enjoy a casual game of soccer or basketball. These types of outdoor games are great for all ages to play.

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