Empty Nest – Just Because The Kids Are Gone, Doesn’t Mean Your Life Is Too

Young married couples are often eager for babies to arrive. They watch as their children grow up. Before long, those same children are ready to leave home. It’s good to know an empty nest doesn’t have to mean an empty life.

Your home is now quiet where it used to be full of activity. What do you do when your children have left home? It is the perfect time to rediscover yourself and one another.

It isn’t unusual for parents whose children have moved out to experience bouts of depression. They may feel sad and lonely. Mental health professionals have given this malaise the name “empty nest syndrome.” You can break out of the doldrums by focusing on each other and helping each other through the issues you’ll experience.

Think of the things you enjoyed doing when you were dating or were first married. Most couples spend the beginning of the relationship learning about each other. They find any reason to be together and will often do activities they wouldn’t necessarily enjoy. The point is, they look for reasons to spend time with one another. Now that your home isn’t filled with children, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to re-learn about each other and activities you used to enjoy.

Do things you’ve always talked about doing once the children were out of the home. Perhaps you could take a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast not far away. Take the time to reconnect, talk and dream together. Make a list of all the things you wish you could have done while you focused on the children. Then make a plan to start living some of those dreams.

Go on an extended vacation to some of the places you couldn’t go with children. A second honeymoon might be just the trick to become reacquainted. Visit a travel agent to plan your dream getaway or do research on the internet to find the perfect location.

Learn the language of the land of your dream vacation. Take classes at a local college or find lessons online. By learning the language before you leave on your trip you can rest assured you’ll be able to communicate once you arrive.

Surprise your spouse with a romantic dinner. Set out the candles and play your favorite music. Try something new you always wanted to eat but were sure the children wouldn’t like. Enjoy the meal without frequent interruptions. Don’t forget a scrumptious dessert.

When you were first married perhaps you made love at all times of the day and night. Since you don’t have children in the home any longer, learn to be spontaneous in your love-making again. You may also want to try being adventurous, too.

Once your children leave home for good it’s not unusual to feel as if your home is empty. Reach out to one another as you learn how to move on after the children have “flown the coop.” Learn to dream again and then begin living those dreams out every day.

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