Review: Loyola Book of Saints

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Kids like to hear stories of saints and their lives. Your kids might even be named after a saint and I am sure that they will love to read stories about the saints courage, dedication and devotion to the poor and God. Loyola Book of Saints is a lovely book for children aged about 8 to 12. It makes an exciting read of over 60 different saints through the times. Each story is complemented by facts on when the saint lived, died, the saint’s feast day and even an original illustration of how the saint looked like. Each story also gives food for thought on how we can learn from the saint’s life and how we can learn from their example to create a better world.

Your kids will love to read up on the story of St Nicholas, St Francis of Assisi, St Ignatius of Loyola, St Joan of Arc, St Wenceslas and many other known and lesser known saints from all over the world. The stories are easy to read and age appropriate for your youngsters and pre-teens. They will get a lot of information and encouragement from the stories.

Overall, Loyola Book of Saints is a book I can thoroughly recommend to any youngster interested in the life and work of saints throughout the centuries. This would also make a very thoughtful gift.

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