Review: Holy Friends

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All Saints Day in November is a good time to think about and get to know saints, the life they lived and what they mean to you and your family. Holy Friends: Thirty Saints and Blesseds of the Americas is, in my opinion, a lovely book written by Diana M Amadeo for children (and their parents). This book received the 2006 Catholic Press Association Book Award.

In her book, she describes and brings to life 30 known and not so known American saints from North, South and Central America, from the time of early missionaries to the 20th Century. The book not only gives historic and religious information on each of the saints, but your kids will also learn about the cultural diversities of the different countries. The book also includes maps of the places where the saints lived, which will surely help your kids gain a knowledge of America’s geography. In addition, each description and story of a saint follows with a quotation and prayer. I find the illustrations of the book bring the book to life and make ‘Holy Friends’ a treasured book for you and your children.

Overall, Holy Friends is certainly a book I would recommend to any religious family to read and enjoy.

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