Review: Budget Celebrations

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Money is tight these days, but it doesn’t mean that we have to stop inviting friends and families over to have a good time. All we need to do is carefully plan and implement budget-friendly strategies and we can have a good time for less.

Budget Celebrations is a great book with tons of advice on how to host parties all year round on a budget. It also gives helpful tips on how to plan ahead so you, the hostess, can enjoy a stress-free time at the party. I like the way the book is divided, for example, Chapter 1 is entitled: Halloween: Cast a Spell. Within this chapter you can read up on budget-friendly menus and recipes as well as low-cost decoration ideas to complement the occasion. Other chapters include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, 4th July and Special Occasions.

Overall, this book is a very helpful guide for anybody who likes throwing parties, but is mindful of the cost. With the help of the Budget Celebrations’ book, you can have a fabulous time, without breaking the bank and your budget.

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