Review: The Anger Workbook for Teens

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If you have teenagers or work with teenagers, I am sure you are familiar with their sometimes sudden outbursts of anger. There are many factors that can cause anger and rage, from stress at school and home or problems with friends. Depending on the severity of your teen’s outbursts, it might be necessary to see a health professional to help them cope with anger in a positive way and find useful anger strategies. However, The Anger Workbook for Teens is an additional source of support to give your teens positive ways and skills to deal with their negative feelings and live a much happier life.

The workbook gives teens an in-depth understanding of why they feel anger and what sets it off. With the help of the exercises in the workbook, the teens learn coping strategies to keep their anger at bay and how to calm their feelings of rage and anger. After filling out their own personal anger profile, the workbook invites them to make their own anger game plan.

Overall, I think that this workbook, designed and written by a professional anger school counselor with extensive experience, is a very effective tool in helping your angry teens to turn away from aggression and instead become happy and calm individuals.

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