Notes to a Working Woman: Finding Balance, Passion and Fulfillment In Your Life

So often women define themselves by their titles-Wife, Mother, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales Assistant, Filing Clerk or whatever it may be. But how often do they stop to define their authentic reason for being; their life’s passion?

Thirty years at Mobil Oil corporate offices and five more at Insight for Living as Vice President of Public Relations taught Luci Swindoll a thing or two about business, and much more about herself and Christian women in the workplace.

The author gives advice to working and potentially working women based on her own personal experience and the experiences of women she knows like Cee Cee Winans and Mary Graham. Notes to a Working Woman is a collection of thoughts, from things the author learned and gleaned from others.

Swindoll discusses the attributes of a true professional:

• Brains
• Courage
• Heart
• Faith

Swindoll discusses “building blocks” in a woman’s career, as she recounts the many jobs she had before her later success; stating that she obtained invaluable experience from each job.
She encourages women that every position they have is something that is building their career, whether they know it or not. The book also discusses road blocks for working women. In particular, the fear of failure. For any woman who has had the fear of failing in her career, there is a chapter that allows her to understand that other women have the same fear.

Finally in the last chapter, Swindoll discusses true success, or fulfillment. She shares that true success is not money, material things or high positions. Rather, a woman is truly successful when her joy is found in giving her life away to others.

This is a quick read book and is a good read for the young working woman or the working woman looking for some encouragement.

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