Maybe You Know My Teen

Dealing with a teenager is hard enough to do. Add that to the fact that your child has ADHD and it can seem insurmountable. But really it does not have to be. Maybe You Know My Teen is the first comprehensive guide for dealing with the unique challenges of raising an adolescent with ADHD.

The adolescence period is a tumultuous turning point for everyone. But for teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it can be especially challenging; and for some of their parents, downright terrifying. Predictably, stress ensues over inconsistent or poor school performance and over inevitable decisions regarding higher education and life after high school. It has been proven that adolescents with ADHD get more traffic tickets, have higher school-expulsion and drop-out rates, and are more likely to experiment with alcohol and drugs. For the weary parent these can be very sobering facts.

Maybe You Know My Teen is filled with management strategies for parents new to ADHD as well as those who have coped with it throughout their child’s life and still need a helping hand. Explaining the roots of the disorder clearly and comprehensively, while discussing situations most likely to cause symptoms to manifest themselves, ADHD authority Mary Fowler presents step-by-step advice, along with in-depth personal stories and first-person advice from leading experts in the field. This is the unique lifesaving resource that thousands have been awaiting.

It is a well organized, extremely clear, and practical guide to learning how to deal with your ADHD teen and survive. Parents reading this will gain insight, ideas, and, most of all, a sense of hope. Every parent of an ADHD teen should have this valuable resource as a part of library.

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