Going Back To Work: A Survival Guide for Comeback Moms

For a lot of moms the thought of going back to work, whether in or out of the home, can be scary. There are many challenges to face and not enough resources to help them with what they need to get started.

Going Back To Work: A Survival Guide for Comeback Moms, by freelance journalists Quigley and Kaufman, is a handy resource that focuses on those mothers who are returning to the workplace after time spent away. In a casual tone, the authors draw upon their own experiences as well as on those of other mothers who were interviewed or contributed anecdotes to the authors’ Web site.

The authors interviewed hundreds of women and learned that their number-one concern on returning to jobs or careers is flexibility. In addition, an array of other issues is also noted:

• The higher expectations and demands of the marketplace
• The unlikelihood of returning to the same job or even the same profession
• The need to keep skills sharp and stay on top of current trends.

This book covers many of the concerns and the solutions to some of these concerns. These realistic solutions include:

• Networking to find a position
• How to negotiating salary and other benefits
• Starting a business from home and more.

In Going Back To Work Quigley and Kaufman advise women to keep a notebook to articulate their desires and motivations for returning to work and to develop a step-by-step strategy, including volunteerism, job sharing, part-time work, returning to school, and starting a business.

This is highly recommended and well-written guide for anyone who is thinking about going back to work after having kids.

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