Healthy Dog And Cat Weight

One of the difficulties with the issue of overweight pets is that most pet owners fail to see it. Obesity among dogs and cats is the “new normal” for many [...]

Guinea Pigs As A First Pet

Looking around for a first pet for your kids? It’s not a light decision. Animals like turtles, for instance, can live over 20 years, and cats and dogs usually live 12 [...]

Medical Plan For Pets

For the past several years, the newest trend in pet ownership has been pet insurance. Do your pets need to have pet insurance? Read the following information and decide for [...]

Animals For Kids

If you’ve ever taken a kid to a pet store, then you know that they will want to take every one of the animals home. But, all pets are not right for all kids. Before [...]

Pet Ideas for Teenagers

Teens love to have pets just as much as younger kids and adults. But, teens are a different breed. Choosing pets for them requires forethought if you don’t want to be [...]

Home Remedies for Pets

If you have a pet, then you treat it like a part of the family. And, as a part of the family, you want the best care for them that you can find. Have you ever thought of [...]

Moving Pet With Family

When you decide to move, you don’t have to leave your pets behind. But, if they have never had to leave home before it could be an ordeal for them. Here are some tips to [...]

Pet Bereavement And Children

Pets have a different life expectancy than humans. Depending on the pet you choose, it may outlive your children. Learn how to go about explaining the loss of a pet to your [...]

Pet For Kids: Which One First?

Have you ever owned a pet? If the answer is no, here are some choices for your first animal friend. Most people can remember their first pet from childhood. Kids who get pets [...]
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