The Young Years

Pet Bereavement And Children

Pets have a different life expectancy than humans. Depending on the pet you choose, it may outlive your children. Learn how to go about explaining the loss of a pet to your [...]

Pet For Kids: Which One First?

Have you ever owned a pet? If the answer is no, here are some choices for your first animal friend. Most people can remember their first pet from childhood. Kids who get pets [...]

Kids Pets Help With Kids Social Skills

Pets are a great addition to your home. They offer many social benefits to kids. Whether you have one child or more than one, a pet can increase your quality of life. What is [...]

Flu Virus: Care Tips For Children

Once you’ve confirmed that your child has the flu by a visit to your doctor, you have to go home and weather the flu storm. Because it’s a virus, parents and kids [...]

Teaching Responsibility To Kids

As parents, you probably want to raise your children to be responsible, but you may be unsure just what that looks like or how to do it. First, it helps to know what [...]

Games for Toddler Development

The toddler years are ones of fascination, development, and movement! Toddlers are learning fine motor skills, speech, and how to manipulate materials like clay and crayons. [...]
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