Schedules and Routines

The “I’m Bored” Busters

We’ve all heard the dreaded phrase and it goes something like, “I’m bored.” It usually means one of two things, or maybe both of these things. First, it puts pressure [...]

Get Organized – 12 Months Per Year

Sometimes organizing your home feels too overwhelming. The closets are jam packed. There’s no room in the garage for another box. And the clutter just keeps piling up. Step [...]

Organization Tools – 10 Essentials

Organizing yourself and your life is a fine balance. Too many tools and devices and you spend more time managing the tools than you do your life. Too few tools and you lose [...]

Secrets of Organized Families

Why does it seem that some families have it all together while your family struggles to balance everything? Well the truth is that those seemingly organized families may not [...]

Getting Kids to Do Chores

Almost every parent has at some point struggled with getting their kids to do chores. How can you get your kids to not only do their chores, but do it willingly – Without [...]

Routines to Run a Smoother House

Routines are great for helping us get everything done so we can get out of the house on time each morning. Did you know that you can use routines to make a house run [...]
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