Babysitter Basics For Teens

When you were growing up, you might not have heard about babysitter training. But today, there are classes and certifications to train teens on how to be a safe and effective [...]

First Car For Your Child

So the time has come for your child to get his or her first car! It’s a scary prospect, and for good reason – teens are disproportionately represented in car [...]

Pet Ideas for Teenagers

Teens love to have pets just as much as younger kids and adults. But, teens are a different breed. Choosing pets for them requires forethought if you don’t want to be [...]

Internet Safety For Teenagers

In some ways, the internet is safer than “real life” socializing – after all, your teen is not outside on the street after dark; he or she is camped out in [...]

Teenage Money Making Ideas

The modern world offers teens more money-making opportunities than ever. There are still the old-fashioned, much-needed jobs like mowing lawns and babysitting, and those are [...]

Help Homework Get Done

Parents may get as frustrated with homework as their kids are, and it’s sometimes hard to know how much help is appropriate and how much you should back off. To help [...]

How Teenagers Can Lose Weight

It seems that teenagers are prone to crash dieting, fad diets, and other unhealthy weight-loss measures. There are healthy ways for teens to lose extra pounds – [...]

Help Your Teenager Reduce Stress

Stress itself is a person’s reaction to life changes, and there is hardly a time in one’s life with more changes than the teen years! Added on to all these life [...]
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