Teenagers and Their Fathers

Does the thought of getting involved in your teen’s life scare you? As a dad, do you think that maybe you should just back off and let your teen child have his or her [...]

Financial Education For Teenagers

Sometimes, it’s hard as parents to watch your teens squander their allowance or money they’ve earned from a job. You want them to do better, but how do you teach [...]

Teenagers Can Feel Good

For teens, feeling good about yourself can be a special challenge. You are undergoing a lot of changes physically, emotionally, and psychologically – and, for many [...]

Teenage Jobs For Part Time

Part-time jobs are a great way for teens to learn about managing money, and it can take some of the load off of Mom and Dad as providers of spending money. It can boost their [...]

Driving Tips For Teenage Drivers

Parents may dread the day their child learns to drive. It is true that driving opens the door for a host of dangerous problems and accidents, but parents can prepare [...]
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