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FamilyFind Deals Site Tour

Busy parents often find it very useful to shop from home. Sometimes trying to price things online takes just as long as driving from store to store. The FamilyFind website [...]

Monthly Spending Plan For Your Family

You have probably heard that you should develop a monthly spending plan or budget for your family. But you may not know why this is so important, or what the benefits are. [...]

How To Pay Bills After The Holidays

Spending during the holiday season can really set you back financially. It’s all well and good to read advice on how to avoid holiday debt; but now that you’re in [...]

Saving Money: Stop Emotional Buying

Emotional buying and spending do not necessarily involve large sums of money. It’s more about why you spend money than how much you spend. Emotional buying means you [...]

Saving Money As A Family

Many people are living the frugal lifestyle, and sometimes it seems like a complicated thing. After all, some frugal families seem to devote an enormous amount of time and [...]

Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2

Where to buy: The Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2 cup is a fantastic invention for little ones. Here are, in my opinion, some of the advantages of this [...]
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