Home Care

A Wildlife Friendly Backyard

Having a yard that is friendly to wildlife does involve certain techniques and approaches to lawn care, some of them unconventional. The perfectly-groomed, square-cornered [...]

Summertime Lawn Care Guide

Summer is a season of maintenance. The grass is up, things are green, and there are no leaves to rake yet. So it’s a time for keeping things looking good and enjoying [...]

Home Safety While You Are on Vacation

While we all look forward to a stress-free vacation, it can be just the opposite if we are worried about the home we left behind. Here are some tips to help you to secure [...]

Conserve Water in Your Summer Garden

Water is a precious resource. All living things need it, and in the summer it can become scarce. Gardens can use up a lot of water in the heat, especially if you’re [...]

Natural Wood Furniture Care

Most people will own wood furniture at some point in their lives, for the beauty and because it’s a natural product. With wood furniture comes the need to treat and care [...]

Steam Cleaning the Natural Way

There are various steam cleaning machines on the market. Since today’s machines range in price from $400 for a residential model to $3,200 for a commercial model, people [...]

Using Vinegar for Cleaning Your Home

Most people are trying to live healthier lives today. One way they’re trying to do that is to cut down on the myriad of chemicals that they’re subjected to on a daily [...]
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