Crafts & Hobbies

How to Grow an Herb Garden in Pots

For Christmas I got the Toysmith Grow Your Own Herb Garden Kit, so I can grow an indoor herb garden. The kit is pretty simple and all you really need is peat pellets, herb [...]

Valentine Craft: Foam Roses

Here’s a quick craft tips for kids or even for adults who want to add something a little special to a Valentine card. Use green pipe cleaners to make your flower stems. [...]

Bird House: Steps To Make Your Own

Birdhouses can be both functional and beautiful, and building your own can be very satisfying. It’s fun to involve children, too, who can enjoy bird-watching to see [...]

Autumn Butterfly Craft

Who says butterfly’s are for Spring only? You can use the wonderfully colored leaves falling from the trees to create a lovely butterfly craft. Here are two approaches: [...]
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