Labor And Birth Centers

A birthing center can be thought of as a compromise between a home birth and a hospital birth. It has elements of both. Most birthing centers are “free-standing,” [...]

Childbirth Education Classes

Attending birth classes can go a long way toward relieving the anxiety and doubt that so many women and their partners have about labor and delivery. These classes tend to [...]

Labor And Delivery Stages

Labor is usually broken down into stages. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these stages so you’ll know what’s going on and what to expect. This [...]

Labor And Birth Intervention Free

Many women are choosing an intervention-free birth in this day and age. In order to avoid interventions such as pain medication, internal fetal monitoring, an epidural, [...]

Keep Baby Warm In Winter

Your newborn baby seems so vulnerable – and he is! While it’s true that newborns are more delicate than adults in some ways, you can take some cues from your own [...]

Baby Monitors Help Keep Babies Safe

Baby monitors are a boon for busy parents. They help you keep an “ear” on your baby (and even an eye if it has a camera and screen feature!), enhancing safety and [...]

How To Wash Laundry For Baby

Having a baby just about always means increased laundry. Because of spit-up, diaper “blow outs,” and babies’ general inability to control anything from [...]
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