Baby Information At BabyCenter

Many moms look for information about babies as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Babycenter has lots of tips, tools, and information to help moms find all the baby [...]

How to Choose A Stroller For Jogging

Jogging strollers are a fun way for moms to get back in shape, and dads can use them, too. The whole family can go jogging together before baby can even walk! But how do you [...]

Childbirth In Water

Water birth, or waterbirth, is the process of laboring in water. Women who choose this method of birth may labor and deliver their babies in water, or they may labor in the [...]

Childbirth: Can I Do It Naturally?

Before you go into labor, your preparation for a natural birth begins. In fact, they may begin even before you conceive! Preparation means arming yourself with knowledge [...]

Cesarean Birth Pros and Cons

Cesarean deliveries are on the rise. It’s debated – sometimes hotly – as to whether or not this is a good thing. Leaving that debate to the experts, [...]

Childbirth At Home

While the concept of giving birth at home is certainly not new, its resurgence in modern society is rather recent. If you’ve heard about the “home birth [...]

Hypnosis for Labor And Birth

Have you heard of hypnosis in childbirth? Some women are curious about this form of alternative birth, and may be considering trying it for their birth. Here is some basic [...]

Labor And Birth: Doula

The role of a doula (Greek word meaning “woman’s servant”) is to help a woman have a healthy, safe, and satisfying birth experience. There is not [...]
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